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From blister packs and hang cards to clamshells, Sole Choice offers the most popular and modular friendly packaging for the shoe care category. Our products and assortments are inspired by the sales in our shoe factory sales division, coinciding with the footwear trends we see in the marketplace. Designed to draw attention in a busy aisle and store, they continuously increase impulse sales of the category. Choose a full program of our products to maximize your sales and increase your profit margins.

Private Label Packaging

You have the brand, we have the product. Sole Choice offers in-house design to help place your branded product into the retail market. We have worked with many of the world’s largest shoe care and shoelace retail companies in bringing product to the market. Also, Sole Choice doesn’t forget about the smaller companies and start-ups as well. If you have an idea, let us help you realize it and make it happen.

We offer many packaging solutions, such as blister pack, clamshell, and hang card packaging. If you already have packaging developed, but need graphic design applied to promote the product, we can help with that also.

Sole Choice Brands

Shoelaces, Shoe Care Accessories, Shoe Care Polish, and Insoles

Blister Pack True Replacement Shoelaces

Sole Choice Blister Pack offers the retailer and consumer a quality line of shoelaces. These are comparable to shoelaces found in other brands and the same quality we ship to shoe factories around the world. They are true replacement laces. This program is offered at a substantial savings to comparable items offered by our competitors. By lowering acquisition costs, we help retailers produce greater gross margins, while offering consumers a better value.

Tye Rite Blister Packs

Sole Choice has set new standards for the shoe care department! Sophisticated, exciting designs and incomparable value are the key attributes of the Tye-Rite shoelace program.

Premium Insoles & Shoe Care

Sole Choice offers a wide range of premium foot care solutions including gel, custom molding, and foam. Our products are made from quality materials and housed in cutting-edge packaging for optimum performance and great sell-ability. Characteristics that not only increase sales, but also increase brand loyalty. Choose a full program of our products to enhance your sales and maximize your profit margins.

Shoe Care Accessories

Shoe care accessories are generally an impulse purchase. Therefore, our packaging is designed with graphics to attract the consumer’s attention in an overcrowded general merchandise section. The bold type allows for ease in product identification from across the aisle. A variety of shoe care accessories are available for every shoe planogram size.

Shoe Polish

Our Shine Rite professional shoe polish and chemical line is manufactured from high quality ingredients offering better performance, which far surpasses that of competitive brands – tests prove it. Our polish and chemical packages feature graphics that are designed for impulse purchases in mind. 

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