Products and Services

Our laces, braids, cords, webbings, and tapes are available in many different types of yarn. We can execute virtually any product application for laces or braid you can imagine. In addition to the hundreds of styles we stock in braid and lace, we can custom design to your specifications. We welcome your ideas and challenges. If you don’t see what you want in the downloadable brochure below, call us anyway – we’ll help you find it.

Some examples of our laces and braids include:

  • Government and Military spec laces and braid
  • Printed Laces – we are capable of printing up to 6 colors on a white lace of your company logo or favorite design. Just send us your artwork. We have designed laces for sporting events, radio stations, giveaways, direct mail, and trade show promotions.
  • Complete capability for drawcords, drawstrings for apparel, and braid for lanyards and straps.


  • Braided
  • Knitted
  • Woven

Lace Tips:

  • Ultrasonic Tip
  • Fused Tip
  • Printed Tip
  • Acetate / Barbed Tip
  • Metal / Barbed Tip
  • Hot / Cold Tip

Specialty Laces and Cords:

  • Printed Tapes
  • Kevlar
  • Metallic Yarns
  • Printed Shoelaces
  • Reflective Yarns
  • Anti Wicking


  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Cotton
  • Polypropylene


Industrial Brochure

We offer a wide range of products to meet your individual needs. We supply many industries including, but not limited to: Shoe, Apparel, Medical, Military, and ASI Industries.

We welcome your ideas and challenges. If you don’t see what you want in our downloadable brochure, call us – we’ll help you find it.


Industry Focused Products!


Sole Choice uses the highest quality yarns available. We work hard to produce products used with cotton, organic, and recycled polyester.


Sole Choice does custom development of specialty products every day. From trademark color analysis and development  to creating whole new products, Sole Choice excels in making your idea a reality.


Need your products tipped? We can do that. Need your products put on spools or another custom put-up? We can do that too. Let Sole Choice work with you to fit your production needs.


Sole Choice is flexible. Many of our competitors are rigid in their demands. We take customer needs into consideration and find a solution for both the customer and ourselves.